Everyday Value- Fresh meals starts @ $5.9

Everyday Value- Fresh meals starts @ $5.9 from subway. Menu...More

Everyday Value- Fresh meals starts @ $5.9 from subway. Menu like- Sandwiches, salads, breakfast, sides, drinks, breads etc. Short

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Subway Singapore is a franchise that is popular all around the world. It provides its customers with lots of delicious meals and drinks that they can enjoy. The brand was first founded in 1965, by the name of Pete’s super submarines and is founded by Fred Deluca and Peter Buck. The first store was opened in Bridgeport, Connecticut which was a huge success. By 1974, both these partners have opened 16 stores in the Connecticut. The name of the company was changed in that time to SUBWAY. After that both the partners set a goal of opening 32 outlets in 10 years. After learning the basics of business, both these partners have made the decision of expanding their outlets in the entire world making the local brand go international.

Today the brand has its outlets across more than 44,000 locations in the entire world. The brand later stepped in Singapore and opened many Subway Singapore outlets in the entire city and at different locations. The company provides its customers with some delicious food as well as with world class service. Some of these services are mentioned below.

Delicious Menu: Every customer loves to eat delicious dishes. The brand provides you with Subway Singapore Menu that you can eat all day long. It features sandwiches for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They provide you with many sandwiches which comprise of different ingredients and provide you with different taste. You can eat vegetarian as well as non vegetarian sandwiches according to your preferences. They also provide you with fresh mixed salads that you can eat in your breakfast. Salad provides energy to your body as well as is beneficial for your health. Those people who are health concerned can prefer to eat Subway Singapore Salad on a daily basis. They also provide you with many snacks and drinks that you can enjoy in your lunch.

Catering services: The Company provides you with Subway Singapore Catering services that you can book for your corporate event or for your family functions or for your game day or for kid’s party. The brand is ready to help you out in every way possible. You need to visit any of the brand outlets and tell them your plan. They will provide their help in every way possible and can help you in planning your event. They have the experienced and well behaved team that has the knowledge of how to handle these types of events. You can serve the traditional meals and combo’s as well as you can also plan your customized meals according to everyone’s need. You can select the bread type, stuffing, toppings, and lot more to plan special meal for everyone.

Coupons: The Company provides their customers with the facility of Subway Singapore Coupons services using which they can get discounts on their bills. These coupons can be earned from the brand outlets as well as from the website by online ordering your meal. These coupons can also help you to get a free treat from the company as well as heavy discounts for buying extra meals.

Promotions: The Company also offers many types of Subway Singapore promotions that are being highlighted on the company’s website as well as in the brand’s outlets. These promotions are offered to attract maximum number of customers towards their websites as well as for the promotion of the brand. To know the latest offers and promotions from the brand, you can keep on visiting their websites to keep yourself updated. Mostly the promotions are being offered on the weekends but the festive season or seasonal promotions also provide you with great deals.