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Keith J. Kramer and Matthew Burns (Keith’s wife’s uncle) got the idea of starting their own restaurant in 1950s. They started making burger in the insta-broiler which got so popular that they started franchising it. In 1954, James McLamore and David R. Edgerton purchased the franchise of this Insta- burger cooking device and started up their own chain of fast food restaurants with the name Burger King Corporation, this company operated successfully for about eight years and then the duo sold it off to the Pillsbury corporations in 1967. However, the management of Pillsbury was not so successful in managing and organizing this company efficiently. Later in 1970s, the burger king hire Mc Donald’s executive for revamping the condition of the company. Gradually, the condition of the company has improved and currently it is running successfully in about 75 countries at more than 12,000 locations. In Singapore, this brand has gained huge popularity because of delicious meals and the cheap rates.

Exotic taste of the Burger King’s menu

This food brand offers the delicious food. Customers can run to their nearest outlet and grab their meal. Customers have the option to enjoy their food in the restaurant or they can take away their food.  There is a huge list of exotic dishes in the menu so you can check out.  Apart from the regular Hamburgers, chicken nuggets, spicy bacon double cheeseburgers, chicken double cheeseburgers, grilled hotdogs, French fries, onion ring, soft serve cone and soft drinks are on the list. The brand take care the needs of the kids also, hence it provides the junior meals for the kids. In the junior meals, food items like low fat chocolate drinks, fat free milk, nuggets, oatmeal, junior cheeseburger meals, and junior hotdog meals are included.

The online menu is also available which helps you to make your order online. This brand offers the made to order facility also. In this, you have the option to order the hamburger with your choice of toppings and fillings.

What is the premium hamburger?

This company offers the premium hamburger for its customers. Burger king Singapore whopper is the signature hamburger of this brand. It is the sesame bun hamburger with beef filling. The savory flame-grilled beef with the toppings of the juicy tomatoes, crunchy lettuce and creamy mayonnaise makes the mouth fill with water. It is served with crunchy ring of onions, French fries and cold drink. It is a huge hamburger which makes a perfect meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Whooper is a 100% pure beef burger.

What is Burger King Combo meal offers?

The brand offers the attractive combo meal offers. It will enable you have more items at less price.   Combo meal offers keep on changing so you should check out for the fresh offers before your regular meal order.

How to get attractive discounts on Burger King’s orders?

On making the orders online, this food chain offers attractive discounts to the customers. Also, additional discount benefits can be availed by the customers on using burger king Singapore promo code. These codes are available on the official website of the restaurant. You can check out the latest coupon voucher to get the maximum discount offers.

How to download Burger King app for quick orders?

If you are an online customer, then you should immediately download this brand’s mobile app. It will enable you to make quick orders and get their meals. This app can be downloaded on your android and iOS devices. The exclusive coupons for this app help the user to save a lot. You will be able to enjoy making payments from your mobile phone. On the app, you can even discover the freshest menu of the day. Along with this, you can also get the nutritional information about the item so that you can maintain your health.