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Domino’s Pizza Singapore

Domino’s Singapore is a pizza delivery system that is located all around the Singapore. Domino’s is a very popular brand that is famous for its delicious pizza and offers a wide variety of other snacks and fast food that you can eat. This business was first stared in 1960 by two brothers, Tom and James Monagham. They first named the company as Dominick’s Pizza, but after 8 months, James quit the company. So Tom was left all alone. He made a decision to change the name of the company and named it as Domino’s. The company has opened more than 5000 franchises located all around the world. Now days, this company is one of the leading brands that offers many delicious varieties of pizza and snacks. In 2009, this company came to Singapore and now it has more than 21 Domino’s Singapore Branches located all around Singapore.

Some of the attractive features of this company are mentioned below.

How to get Dominos Coupons in Singapore?

 Everyone loves to use Domino’s Singapore coupons as they provide you with many types of benefits. These coupons comprise of attractive discounts and deals on various types of meals that you choose such as coupons for couple which means you can buy 2 meal packs at the prize for one. They also provide discounts on various types of pizzas as well as on various types of combo’s. Most of the combo’s offers heavy discounts that you surely will love. There are also many types of online coupons that you can avail while ordering your favorite pizza online through their website. Some of these coupons will result in deals where as some coupons provide you with discounts on your bills.

Promotions and offers:

Promotions are done by every brand in order to increase their customers. In the same way Domino’s Singapore Promotion offers their customers with many types of seasonal promotion, festive promotions, monthly promotions, and many other types of promotions. These promotions do attract a lot of customers in Singapore and this is the main reason why this brand has attained so much popularity all across the world. Some of the latest promotions that are offered to the customers are Chilly crab pizza, the awesome 4-some, make someone happy today, click and collect 2 pizza deals and many other similar types of promotions.

Domino’s Menu:

Menu is one important feature that must be considered. Domino’s Singapore Menu provides you with many types of Meals, Pizza, Side orders, and beverages. They provide you with meals that are made of vegetables, chicken, beef, and seafood. Some are available in single mix where as some are made available in the combo’s. Pizza are also made available in two categories which are vegetarian and non vegetarian. They also provide you with some light food or snacks that you can enjoy as your side orders. Beverages are considered as a great add on to your meals.

Similar food delivery services in Singapore: Pizza Hut, Burger King, Foodpanda, KFC delivery and Mcdonald’s etc.

How to redeem dominos vouchers online singapore?

  1. Sign up or login in Dominos website.
  2. Go at domino’s Home page, Put in ‘FRP’ and click ‘Redeem’.
  3. Fill Serial Number and Expiry date and click on redeem option

Online booking and delivery:

They also provide you with online booking feature. You can use Domino’s Singapore app to place your order online with your smart phone. You can order multiple meals at the same time to your provided address. They accept all types of credit cards for your online payment or you can provide them with cash at your delivery address as they arrive. They also offer Domino’s Singapore delivery time which signifies the time period in which your order will be delivered at your given address. They have experienced delivery persons who know all the routes of the city and are capable enough to beat the traffic and provide you with your order in time so that you can have an outstanding meal irrespective of your location.